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At onetempo, we recognize the desire of our members to create a lasting difference...not only in their own lives, but future generations' as well. What better way to make a difference than invest in the futures of childhood education. That is why the first month of every new Standard, Gold, or Platinum account is donated to K-12 music education programs.

Jenny Lind Elementary School - Minneapolis, MN

Through the end of 2011, all benefits from the YouInspire! project will go toward purchasing violins for the Jenny Lind Elementary School strings program.

The school's music director, Stacy Aldrich, runs this program for 1st through 3rd graders. They are taught to play violin, read sheet music, and even have the opportunity to show off their newfound music talents during concerts throughout the year.

By joining onetempo, you are putting instruments in the hands of children that wouldn't otherwise have the chance to learn, play, and have fun!

What is the impact?

The science behind music education is clear and consistent. Children that are given the opportunity to play an instrument in school perform dramatically better than those that aren't given the chance. Better scores in math and science, enhanced standardized test results, and higher self esteem are only a small part of K-12 music education.

Have questions about the program? Want to help? Please contact us at any time to learn more!

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