Terms of Use

The following Terms of Use Agreement governs user activity on the OneTempo website, mobile applications, and associated online databases. Upon registering for OneTempo services, including both free and paid accounts, you shall agree to the clauses of this agreement.

For the purposes of this Privacy Agreement, the terms "OneTempo", "OneTempo.com", "OneTempo, LLC", "us", and "we" refer to OneTempo, LLC and its employees. The terms "you", "your", "user", "users" refer to the OneTempo free and paid membership base.

The OneTempo Service

OneTempo is an online music management system. It is a place for users to store their music files, manage their set lists, connect with their community, etc. User experiences will vary based on the use and combination of these (and all other) features.

To ensure that all users are knowledgeable about the latest features on OneTempo.com, it will occasionally be necessary to communicate via email and other online social networking forums. OneTempo reserves the right to change the features of its service without notification or consent from its users.

Your OneTempo Account

All users of OneTempo's services are required to register an account with our central database. This account contains necessary personal contact and other information. Additionally, for paid membership OneTempo must acquire, store, and process payment information. OneTempo is relentlessly committed to protecting the integrity of our users' important information. We will never give out or sell your personal information to third parties. In the event of legal issues, we may be required to release personal information per the request of legal entities, however. More details can be found in the OneTempo Privacy Agreement.

Outside the boundaries of OneTempo's company-owned database, the security of your personal information is your responsibility. Never give out your username and password to anyone, in person or over email. You will never be asked for your password or billing information via email by an employee of OneTempo! In the event of a lost email or password, a temporary password will be emailed to you through the website "lost password" feature. Additionally, it is recommended to only transmit important information over secured connections with proper security and firewall settings installed as recommended by your computer and/or operation system manufacturer.

Only one free account is permitted per user. Registering two or more free accounts for the same user is grounds for account termination.

General Conduct Conditions

The following conduct conditions are required for continued use of OneTempo services. We strive to provide the best user experience possible when it comes to managing your musical or other leadership materials. We want our users to have the greatest level of freedom and customizability in their OneTempo experience. However, we must enforce specific requirements to ensure that we provide the greatest experience to our entire user community and strictly follow local, state, and federal laws.

User Requirements

Legal Requirements

Appropriate Conduct

Payments and Refunds

A valid PayPal account is required for paid accounts. Free trial accounts do not require any payment information to be submitted. When upgrading or downgrading a subscription to a different level, your service will be changed immediately. However, your payment charge will be reflected in on your next payment cycle.

Refunds will not be given by OneTempo, LLC. Users are encouraged to sign up for a free 30-day trial to ensure that the OneTempo service meets their needs.

Use of the OneTempo Namesake

The OneTempo namesake and logo are properties of OneTempo, LLC. We encourage users to talk freely about the OneTempo service. However, any unauthorized use including, but not limited to, unlicensed commercial use of the OneTempo name and logo, libel and slander of the OneTempo brand, and other activities that violate legal protections of the OneTempo trademark, will result in account termination and follow up legal action where deemed necessary.

Religious and Political Affiliation

While this site supports many religious and worship groups, OneTempo, LLC does not explicitly endorse any religious or political affiliation. All opinions expressed by users on the OneTempo website or outside forums, online communities, and social networking sites are entirely their own. By posting publicly viewable material on any of these sights, you are agreeing to make this opinions on your own and not on behalf of OneTempo, LLC.

Account Suspension and Termination

OneTempo, LLC maintains the right to suspend or terminate accounts based on the terms in this Terms of Use Agreement and its Privacy Agreement. In the event of an account termination, payment will continue until the existing billing cycle.

Changes to the Terms of Use Agreement

OneTempo may periodically update this Terms of Use Agreement. When updates are made, we will inform all users. Update notifications will be delivered primarily through emails (our users' main account email) and direct posts to the homepage.


If you have any questions pertaining to the OneTempo Terms of Use Agreement, please contact customer service at customerservice@onetempo.com.

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